From Cairns

Hi! I am in Cairns now.
I am writing from some internet cafe,
but I do not know how to change a mode to write in Japanese
(Someone who knows, please tell me! I can READ, but cannot write!),
so sorry for my poor English diary.

Cairns is a lovely town.
There are many cafes along the Esplanade.
People enjoy sunshine in a park.
I feel happy to see them.
It’s not changed at all from 6 years ago when I visited before…

So I have changed my plan. Before going to Ayers Rock, I am gonna stay in this town for a while.
I have a year, so I don’t have to be in hurry(^-^)

I will update my diary sometimes, I hope in Japanese with photes next timeウインク

★Thanks my sis for the cake before i left! !