I fixed my apartment!

It is a soooo beuatiful holiday apartment shared with an Korean couple very near from Cairns Central.
When I looked advertisements for share house in this morning, suddenly I’ve been spoken by Korean guy, “Are you looking for share house?”

Actually, I made a phone call to 3 owners if there are any available rooms left. But rooms are already gone(T-T) So that was a good timing for me,cause I was very disappointed.

I went to see their house, and have decided a few hours ago.I am so released I could finally find my own room

The rent fee is only $95/week. Cheap, right?

Here, in Australia I am obliged to speak English to survive everyday. ‘Cause I am still outside of Japanese community. Sometimes it’s hard to tell my mind exactly.
But I think that helps me very much to practice my English fortunately:)

Cairns is comfortable weather today
(24 degrees, dry and sunshine.)

I will finish my resume to get my job!

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