Sunday Morning

Well, the shop I can use free internet is closed today, so I am writting in English again. Sorry for my japanese readers!

Sunday morning, after I had a strange experience which is I went to Korean church (Actually I have no religion, I just accompanied with my Korean share mates. and I thought I don’t believe God, cause it’s not reality for me),

I have been to a market called “Rusty Market”.
I think maybe you can easily imagine that market, it’s like a typical market you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits sold by weight.
I have bought too much even though I don’t cook, ‘cause they are significantly cheap.(like oranges, only 99cents per 1kg! etc)
The market is held on weekend only.
Anyway I was pleased to enjoy shopping and feel “I am living abroad”あっかんべー

However I do not have nothing to do with every day, ‘cause my job have not been started yet. Every day I am just walking around and around…. reading book on the grass, sleeping, shopping…Maybe I should go diving or something…? I have to be more active.

Anyway, I will reply your comment in Japanese tommorrow. Talk to you later!